Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

I Ask Percy How I Should Live My Life - Mary Oliver -

Oberfranken - Upper Franconia

I Ask Percy How I Should Live My Life (Ten)

Love, love, love, says Percy.
And run as fast as you can
along the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.

Then, go to sleep.
Give up your body heat, your beating heart.
Then, trust.

- Mary Oliver -

We don't have a Percy but a Lotti. Nevertheless that is exactly how she lives her life. Enjoys every moment. Loves her family unconditionally. She gives all running around and then surrenders completely to sleep. She is like a Zen master - she lives in the moment and makes just the best of everything what is coming up.

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  1. Wonderful! :-)
    So eine Süße! Liebe Grüße and a big hug ...