Sonntag, 4. März 2012



Geograph. Länge (östl. Länge): 11°34`28``
Geograph. Breite (nördl. Breite): 48"8`23``
Mittlere Höhenlage (Höhe über NN) 530
Tiefster Punkt (Höhe über NN) 482
Höchster Punkt (höhe über NN) 579

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  1. Good morning distant friends. It is a deep, quiet pleasure to drop in here every week or two and share these glimpses of your lives. Your photos often move me to tears -- the attention to small details, fleeting moments, nature's beauty, the humble comforts of home, cherished animals, beautiful children. The sense of connection is profound. So, from New Hampshire, where the ground is covered with snow this morning, a hello and a thank you. WIshing you three well.